Company AVM Bunker Ltd. SIA was established in the year 2014.  

We offer to our Customers high-quality products from reliable physical Suppliers at port St. Petersburg.  
All products fulfill the requirements of  ISO 8217:2010 STANDARD.
Prior any delivery we can arrange the full analysis of a product in international certified labs such as SGS, Saybolt, Rosinspectorate if it’s required by Client.

Currently we offer the following fuel grades:

       MGO DMA (sul 0,1 - 0,2)
       IFO 380 RMG 380 sul max 3.5 %
       IFO 80 RMD 80 sul max 0.1 %

AVM Bunker SIA can guarantee the individual approach for every Client and every deal:

       attractive prices
       spot-sales  or contract based cooperation  
       credit lines  
       the monitoring of the whole bunkering operation process  (enquiry – nomination - delivery –invoicing)

Customer service is the highest priority for us!

AVM Bunker Ltd. SIA

Reg. No.     40103834892

VAT No.  LV40103834892
109 Brivibas str.,
LV-1001 Riga, Latvia

+371 661 642 32
CIM Banque
16 Rue Merle d'Aubigne
1207 Geneva, Switzerland

IBAN:    CH84 0882 2106 4853 25000